My Favorite People to Follow on Instagram

I'm teaming up with some other bloggers at the B Bar to do my first ever link up! Meg & Victoria posed us the question...

Who are three of your favorite people to follow on Instagram and why?


Instagram is a great way to keep up with friends' lives and keep informed about what's going on in DC and around the world. I follow a few celebrities and bloggers but I try to be intentional about it and only follow people or brands who I know and love (because, let's face it, as much as I love it Instagram can be overwhelming and a time suck!). With that said, it's difficult to chose just three, so here (in no particular order) are FIVE of my favorites and why...



Rachel does a number of amazing illustrations/stop-motion videos. She sometimes has brands like Starbucks sponsor her animations, but they are so beautiful to watch and so relevant I don't feel like they are intrusive to my Instagram feed.


This (new-ish) newspaper covers events, restaurants and fashion in and around my neighborhood. If you don't already love DC (and Shaw) this publication and Instagram account will make you fall hard.


I recently connected with Claudia of The Boss Aesthetic who found my blog and reached out about meeting up here in DC. I was instantly in love with her esthetic and how she curates design and inspiration from in and around the city.


My wedding photographer/friend Mary Beth was born to tell stories. When not filming a documentary or shooting magazine cover photos, she's sharing the most moving photos of people she meets (including her Miami Boyfriends) and landscapes from around world (with touching, and often hilarious, captions to go along with).


Most of you from the link up might already follower her, but for those of you who don't, Meg has a great eye and is a good motivation to work hard (#GSD) and play hard too. Mixed in with photos of her creative studio in DC and travels are her paintings and watercolors with inspirational quotes.

Link Love

Looking for more? It wouldn't be a link up with out more links! Here's a list of other bloggers who have participated and also written about their favorite people to follow on Instagram.

Thanks again to Victoria & Meg for organizing! It was so fun to participate and look forward to checking out all the others Instagram favorites and new blogs in the links above.

Who are your favorites to follow? Comment below, would love to know!