New Year, New Blog

Looking back on 2016 it had its lows, but it definitely had its highs too. One being I got to do what I love and do a lot of it. Not just in my career but in life. I feel so grateful for the opportunities and experiences and I look forward to doing more of what I love in the year ahead. Including more blogging. I've been scared to put myself out there to the world in the past but this is the year of getting over that fear...

So on that note, welcome to the new year and my new blog 

Regardless if I know you personally or not, getting to know (the latest) me page is a good place to start. 

Then, check out some of my best of posts from previous blogs below/archived on the sidebar to get caught up.

I've also created a new travel guides page that has some recaps of my favorite trips (and I promise there will be MANY more of those to come in 2017 - from both previous and upcoming travels). 

Finally, from time to time I share a random thought, post a customer service complaint or RT of things I love on Twitter @SadieKCornelius so feel free to follow along there. 

It's going to be great and I can't wait to share it with you...let's do this!