Resetting, Looking Back & Planning Ahead

The new year is a time to push the reset button, reflect on the past year's accomplishments and set new goals. I've kept mine privately written down in a master list for the past few years, but I'm for a change I'm sharing some of them to help hold me accountable. 

2016 sucked for a lot of reasons. I know it's easy to get bogged down on those negative things (that were out of our control) but it was also one of my best years yet (for reasons I can control). So let's not forget those positive things that went well...


  • I'm doing a plant-based, alcohol-free diet and yoga every day for the first 2 weeks of the year (longest stretch ever....EVER)
  • I've taken a nearly 2-month hiatus from news (and have been listening to more uplifting things like podcasts and music) 
  • I'm getting eye new glasses (have had the same ones for more than 5 years, FIVE) 
  • I started this new blog (and did a couple tweaks to SKC Marketing's site
  • I cleaned out my closet, organized my drawers and got rid of any old things that no longer serve me purpose (and will be donating to the Junior League's tossed and found)

2016 Accomlishments:

  • Exceeded my financial goals for the year (including my goal of saving more)
  • Did a few home improvements big and small (painting, upgraded bathroom light fixtures, new patio)
  • Made it on to my favorite podcast The Lively Show (listen here)
  • Was asked to nominate SKC Marketing for a small business award by the SBA 
  • Traveled as much as ever (mostly domestic but did get to go a couple new places too, see below) 

2017 Goals: 

  • Quality over quantity (and investing in better things that will last longer and taking better care of the things I do have and consuming more quality news)
  • Take time to do things with more intention (fold laundry, plan ahead) 
  • Focus more and not let phone calls, texts, emails etc distract me from the task at hand
  • Be on time (this is an ongoing challenge for me but a must!) 
  • Blog more frequently (hence this post)
  • Read more (always the goal but hey, I already read 2 books in 2 weeks in January...granted one was practically a picture book and one was on audio)
  • Brush up on my Español (more on that later)...

2017 Highlights:

Difficult to narrow it down, but here's my #2016BestinNine...(cue the Smashing Pumpkins "Time of your Life" song)

1st Row (left to right): White House Holiday Tour, Greeting the Prime Minister of Italy on the South Lawn, White House Garden Tour.

2nd Row (3 new places I visited): Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Red Sox vs. Yankees game at Fenway Park, celebrating 10 years in wine country (read Calistoga guide).

3rd Row (3 pinch me moments): Meeting my all-time hero Vince Young, front row at the Seth Meyers taping in DC with Sara Silverman and going to see Bruce Springsteen (in box seats!).

See 2016 wasn't so bad after all was it? And 2017 is going to be even better! I won't say specifics yet but let's just say there are already some pretty amazing plans in store and I can't wait to share them soon!