Office Nook Design with Framebridge

After seeing Framebridge sponsored posts all over my Instagram and Facebook lately and hearing great things about this (local) custom framing service I decided to give them a try to spruce up my office nook. Basically, Framebridge is an innovate way to take the hassle of dragging your art to a framing shop (like Michael's) or putting it in the incorrect sized frame from Target (like I've been guilty of doing).

Since I've had an original Clase Oldenberg blueprint rolled up in a tube for the past couple decades I figured now that I'm a legit adult with an office where I can hang it the time has finally come to frame it. Even if I didn't find a spot to hang it right away, at least having it framed would help preserve the print since it was already starting to get beat up and somewhat faded.

I could do Framebridge the easy way by ordering online (they send you prepaid package to ship your stuff to them or you can upload files and photos digitally that they'll print and frame in one swoop). But after reading about their pop up shop in Georgetown, with an exhibit of curated works by DC designers (including A Creative DC), I was anxious to see the space and figured I could kill two birds with one stone and do it the old fashioned way. So I scheduled a consultation with a designer who showed me their 30 sample frames (which if you order online you can also preview during the ordering process). She also answered questions I had about the type of mounting they use.

As you can see, my print (on the left) was pretty crinkled up (with weights on the corners to hold it down from rolling). So, even if I would have tried to frame this myself, it likely would have looked very armature. So investing in a good frame was essential.


Just to give you an idea of the space I had in mind here's a photo....

Before I had a map of Austin with the various neighborhoods written out in text that was a wedding gift from a dear friend. While I love it (and it goes perfect with the Contemporary Cowgirl vibes) it felt a little too small and lonely.  (And as you can tell, the wall is plenty big enough for a larger print that would help fill the space).

So after trying a few frames on for size, I selected a more modern, silver pewter type of frame to match the other silver frames on the storage cabinet. In hindsight, it was probably too matchy matchy, especially with the grey wall behind it. But you can see for yourself what I mean for yourself....

Since the print itself has no color and the wall is already pretty plain the area felt dull and washed out. I eliminated a few of the smaller frames which helped make it look less cluttered, but it still felt lack luster.  So I enlisted the help of Mariella, stylist extraordinaire who helped me with the original office design. I sent her the photo above and she wrote right back with this advice: 

"The thing is that the frame is gray, the wall is gray, the piece of art is whitish (I love it, though!). The storage cabinet is white. You see where I'm going? Try using books to style a vignette and add a pop of color, and yes! A plant will be a GREAT addition. The taller, the better. You can also try putting all the frames to one side and have plant + books + other things (maybe bowl with business cards or something?) on the other side. It will create a nicer balance."

After receiving her words of wisdom, I immediately went around the house scouting for items to add some some dimension and life (including items from my new Mostess Box and fresh flowers from the hubs!).

We're making progress, right?  But, I still wasn't digging the look. So a few days later, I pulled a couple of my all time favorite books off the shelf (a vintage book by Ogilvy, and a big coffee table book both about Advertising) to help anchor the area and give some height. Topped it with a clock radio from the bedroom (which I thought was broken but wasn't) plus a little faux succulent from Crate & Barrel and voila - I think the third time is a charm! Don't you?

If you look closely you'll notice how I raised the print slightly too. Mariella saw it in person and immediately said to hang a few inches higher (which was a brilliant idea too, thanks M!) 

Quite the improvement now... and I am totally loving the new look (which is a good thing since I look at this view all day every day).

I should also mention that if you order online Framebridge sends you the print back in about 2 weeks. And (spoiler alert) how how cute this little jute bag of goodies that came with it too? Complete with a handwritten note, caring instructions and an envelope of hanging hardware. Now that's great customer service!

Having personally used the service myself now, I can officially say: I love Framebridge. It's a step up from when you graduate from college but still affordable given the quality and convenience.

Framebridge Promo Code

If I haven't convinced you already yet, you can give it a try and get 15% off your first print using the code: SADIE15 at checkout. Plus, you'll be helping support a DC-based company too, yep, all frames are custom cut here in the capitol city!

Thanks for reading and happy framing y'all!