Love Wins

Photo Credit: Sadie K Cornelius (Mr. Brainwash murals at Union Market in DC)

Photo Credit: Sadie K Cornelius (Mr. Brainwash murals at Union Market in DC)

No matter your political affiliation, we must come to terms with the fact that change is inevitable with any Presidential election. And this particular year, the stakes were higher as we are more divided than ever. It was a long, bloody battle that, despite our differences, everyone wanted to end; yet, the results were for what many of us had not prepared. So, in addition to the expected changes we face, we also find ourselves in a surprising stage of shock (for better or worse).

Unlike a game that has winners and losers, in a presidential election no matter who prevails we must all support them as they accept the highest office in the land - because this is our UNITED States of America. Where we are all citizens, regardless if you're a fan of the winning candidate or not. Our country is not perfect, and neither are the leaders we choose to run it, so we must take the bad with the good.

We could be upset with the results. We could blame the media. We could slam their supporters. We could regret the outcome. But we should pour that negative energy into actions that can positively improve the situations and the lives of others. Being simply against everything is not going to solve the situation. What's done is done and it's time to move upward and onward.

If life is an novel, then "The Unknown" is the next chapter as we turn the page in the book of America.

What we do know is this: we need to come together in this desperate time of need. We have problems to fix. Now is the time to heal the deep cuts in our society from past 18+ months. It's going to take time and protesting and being pessimistic only puts salt on the wounds. Love is a powerful cure that can do much more than hate ever will. 

Love that we are a democracy open to new ideas.
Love the fact we'll have a fresh perspective.
Love that we have the right to have our own opinions. 
Love that we have brought attention to a number of important issues.
Love that we have the opportunity every day to make a difference (not just during an election).
Love that we made a tiny crack in the ceiling.
Love that we have continued to pave the way for other young women. 
Love that we exercised our right to vote. 
Love that we fought the good fight. 
Love that we gave it our all. 
Love that we survived. 
Love that we can allow ourselves to forgive.
Love that we are all a little better as a result.

If you choose love over hate then everyone wins. Choose to see the bright side of things and only good can come from it. Even though love doesn't always choose us.

Let us take this moment in history to not run and hide, but to face reality head on. To reflect on what's really important in life - and who and what you truly love. To remember that our time in this world is short. To allow being shaken up as a wake-up call. And to put perspective on our goals and dreams. 

And, in the end, remember this is only the beginning. The real work starts now and we are stronger when we do it together, as one nation.

The President-Elect has won and it's up to them to win over all of our hearts and pull us up after putting so many down. In the meantime, it's up to us to be the light that shines through the darkness now that the storm has passed.

Keep calm and love on y'all...



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