New President, New Perspective

Photo Credit: Sadie K.Cornelius (Dan Flavin neon sign "America" taken at San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art)

Photo Credit: Sadie K.Cornelius (Dan Flavin neon sign "America" taken at San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art)

I don't know about you, but I've been on a major media detox over the past week. No NPR (which I normally listen to religiously), no Facebook (which I was already trying to cut back anyways pre-election) and no things that will bring any negative energy into my life (or "pop my positive bubble" as I like to say). 

If there's anything we learned from the election outcome it's that the media just feeds us bite-sized headlines intended to get short-term attention. It's kind of like listening to a song on the radio or on a playlist. It's entertaining individually but listening to the whole album tells a much broader story. Or on Instagram. You scroll through your feed and see a great looking photo but you don't know the full context behind it.

So, after a little grieving and lots of self-reflection, my perspective has dramatically shifted for the better.  

Instead of getting snippets of information throughout the day I'm going to wait until I have a moment to get the big picture.

Instead of letting the media consume and control me I am going to control when and what I consume. 

Instead of wasting time on things that don't matter I'm going to use that time on things that actually have substance.

Instead of reacting to things in the moment, I'm going to stay more focused on the task at hand and know that the important things will still get the attention it deserves. 

Instead of getting around to those passions and projects one day, I'm more fired up than ever to pour my new found energy into them now. 

Now's the time to start a new chapter and I couldn't be more excited for what's to come...

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