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Scottsdale, Arizona

For the ten years following college, we had over a dozen weddings to bring us together since going our separate ways. Now, with most of the nuptials behind us, there was nothing on the calendar for the foreseeable future to look forward to (and thus an excuse for a reason to get together). So it was time to make time for putting friendship first (as so eloquently put by this amazing Huff Po article). For what we hope will be a regular affair, we wanted the inaugural girls trip to be easy. Not only for everyone to get to for a quick weekend (ie direct flights and domestic) but also keeping logistics involved to a minimum (just show up).

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Calistoga, California

When planning to go to a wedding in San Fransisco over Memorial Day weekend, we figured we should make the most of our cross country trip and plan a little wine country excursion in addition to some city exploration. We decided to stay in Calistoga over the more touristy Napa and Sonoma, a charming little town tucked into the northern most part of the Napa Wine Valley.

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Ybor City, Florida

Ybor (pronounced “Eee-bor”) a little slice of Cuba just east of downtown Tampa, Florida. Besides Little Havana in Miami, it’s probably about as close to Cuba as you can get without leaving the mainland. I only spent a couple hours there but immediately fell in love so I thought I’d share some highlights from my little detour.

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Washington DC

The great thing about living in great places like DC is that people often come to visit! Having lived in Austin, I’m not a stranger to out-of-towners invading the streets on Segways – but DC tourists are their own breed. Thousands of kids, tour groups and conference goers come in by the bus load daily. And though Washington has a big city feel, it’s not that big of a place geographically, so you can imagine how dense it can be with people with maps and matching shirts asking you for directions.

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GuideSadie CorneliusUSA, DC
Marfa, Texas

In case you ever road trip to West Texas from Austin, here’s our itinerary. It’s about a 7 hour drive from Austin and the nearest airport is El Paso which is 2 1/2 hours away so plan accordingly. And 3 days is the most you need in Marfa, so you can do it all in a long weekend but we figured since we had the time and it is such a long distance away, we tacked on a side trip to another west Texas town and see Big Bend national park making it like two trips in one.

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